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Chapter 8: A Reader’s Remorse

Chapter 8 of Sleeper Cell Agent Brown sat transfixed on the couch unable to move. The man had long since disappeared from her living but she remained seated. Clutching the silly manila envelope, she hadn't dared to open. His mission... Continue Reading →


scribbles (poem)

Meaningless lines of endless rhyme, Blank pages like empty minds, Pictures devoid of meaning or symbolism. To a mind closed to the tangibility of realism, My words are nothing, a mere dream. To me, they elevate my consciousness far above... Continue Reading →

Morning Rituals (microfiction)

She awoke to the sounds of someone whispering in her ear. Singing, they were singing. The soft, happy, song slowly pulling her from her dream world. Her lashes slowly pulling apart she was greeted by the warm smile of her... Continue Reading →

Grow (fiction)

He worked in silence; this idea had the potential to change not only her world but the world in general. Holding it up He watched the little globe of light spark, sizzle, hiss with fervor; He released it and watched... Continue Reading →

Naked (poem)

Strip Expose Reveal You try to cover yourself. Afraid of what realities may come to light, In the light. The truth, so abhorrent, You enshroud in darkness. But it is there... Somewhere lurking between who you are And what you... Continue Reading →

Love Drought (poem)

You and me could move mountains. Shift the borders of cities, of countries. Conquer vast lands and redefine the Earth as we know it. But you'd rather chase rabbits. Focus on the minuscule, Forever missing the big picture for momentary... Continue Reading →

Lost Lands Reclaimed (microfiction)

She watched as they tore the land to shreds. Hard metal building cluttered the edges of her kingdom. Stones made of sand, dirt, water, stacked up to erect walls and barricades to keep her out. To deny her entry. They... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home (microfiction)

Her family had finally decided she was nuts; they'd viewed the little "hut", as her father affectionately now called it, with distain. As she watched the truck pull off into the setting sunset she casted her eyes after it and... Continue Reading →

Disappointed Hopes (prose)

I stopped dreaming long ago. Dreams are always cloaked in shades of gray. Even the ones bright with promise, Fade away in the glorious light of the morning Sun. I've ceased to dream. The bursting of balloon is a feeling... Continue Reading →

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