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"Gotta keep it together. No falling apart, no time for that. Picking up the pieces takes too long, It's luxury you can't afford." Internal dialogue of stress-filled mind. The penance of silence for failing perfection.   via Daily Prompt: Silent


I set low expectations for God. Yes. The sovereign God of the universe, that God I put limitations on. Because of some of the struggles I've gone through, I thought to save myself from disappointment. I thought I could lower... Continue Reading →

Every Kind of Way (microfiction)

They washed dishes together in the kitchen. He soaped and rinsed, she put them in the dish drainer. They talked about the week and the terrors that awaited them for the work week. She was over it. She didn't want... Continue Reading →

Everything and the Kitchen Sink (journal)

Its been a while since I've done of these...I was thinking when I finally did write another journal piece I'd be writing about happy things. You know, new job, some trip I'd taken, some breakthrough that I'd recently gotten. In... Continue Reading →

Crashing Waves (microfiction)

She stood on black sands and watched as the waves hurled themselves against the shore. She'd dreamed of standing here for so long; dreamed of the bright shining sun heating her skin. She hadn't dreamed that she'd be standing alone:... Continue Reading →

Everything and a Kitchen Sink (microfiction)

She stood in the kitchen, raw anger plastered across a usually serene face. Nothing in this house was hers; not the dishes, the spacious kitchen, the walls that enclosed said kitchen, the house itself wasn't even hers. After all this... Continue Reading →

Why the Singer Sings (parable)

A parable is a short story or tale that teaches a moral. This is my attempt at one. ❤️ Little Nicole sat beside her mother on the couch watching TV. She watched as musician after musician took to the microphone... Continue Reading →

Illusion (micropoetry)

Raindrops falling from a clear sky Like Sad tears from a bright smile.

A Cure for What Ails.. (microfiction)

She could hear the footsteps of the men behind her closing in. Stumbling, she enters the caverns. Breath, escaping her throat in puffs, she lumbers toward the only light in the room. As she nears, she sees the box. The... Continue Reading →

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