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Doubt thou the Stars doth move? See them here. See them twinkle with your mind's eye. See the craters of my moons, swollen, full. The rich, sticky, syrup of my atmosphere Breathe in deep. It is poured out for you.... Continue Reading →

she dreamed of taking flight, leaving the life she knew behind, find new wings. She'd been clipped before, the weak had stolen her wings,           her dreams. she watches the planes soar and smiles, new dreams encapsulate... Continue Reading →

He takes comfort in my branches, From my leaves, he derives shade. My garden is his sanctuary. Photo Cred

You laid your soul open with your words. Stripped down to threads I see the fabric of a soul that calls to my own. I am undone by your words, By your candor, you've won me. Acceptance

My mother is rich.  Rich in love, wisdom, generous.  With strong hands she bore a weight that shouldn't be born alone.  Shouldered the burden of rearing a child on her own.  I love my mother, We look like twins.  Spitting... Continue Reading →

Chapter 4 of Sleeper Cell The Director bounded into the car as his driver, Garret, softly shut the door. Garret had grown accustomed to a little witty banter while driving the Director however he knew there would be no talking... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2 of Another's Treasure He told her everything. He didn't even stop to think about just how much he'd poured out for her consumption but consume it she did. She focused in on every word as if he were... Continue Reading →

I fear the lights, the people, the noise. I love the expression, the freedom, the passion. To do what I love, I must embrace, embody, The thing I've feared. Immerse

Picture this. Pine wood floors hold up wooden furniture, softened with fluffy pillows. The morning's coffee cools in a mug on the window sill. Seated on the couch, I read the morning paper. Reading glasses on so I can actually... Continue Reading →

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