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I miss you slidin' in my dm's. Random conversations about whatever. I gained him and lost you. Commit  

Arms stretched out, Pushing, propelling, striving, hungry. Floating, aimless, existing, Until you pulled me in. Loosely coiled in your arms, branded, Seared by what you claimed was love. PhotoCred Loop Welcome to week Seventy-Two of Three Line Tales! A wonderful... Continue Reading →

Portrait of You (Short Story)

If I could draw a portrait of you I'd start with how we met. How I was searching for a first edition Jane Austen novel and you the latest Batman comic strip. I'd draw the frown on your face when... Continue Reading →

There are enough illusions In life Love the truth. Better photocred

Precious Lord take my small palm within Thine own.  My soul is distressed within me.  Those whose love and respect I've sought, Have eagerly seized my meager joys Without a second thought.  My bosom friend has forsaken me.  Be Thou... Continue Reading →

"what beautiful fireflies", she'd chased them all evening and now worn out, tired, she'd given up her chase to enjoy their dance. Her parents watched in puzzled amusement. Her father commented about a bulb that'd just blown. who was she... Continue Reading →

If I shared my story with you, Would you read it or critique its composition? If I shared my rose with you, Would you praise its color or pick its petals Trying, in some twisted way, to determine a love... Continue Reading →

Doubt thou the Stars doth move? See them here. See them twinkle with your mind's eye. See the craters of my moons, swollen, full. The rich, sticky, syrup of my atmosphere Breathe in deep. It is poured out for you.... Continue Reading →

she dreamed of taking flight, leaving the life she knew behind, find new wings. She'd been clipped before, the weak had stolen her wings,           her dreams. she watches the planes soar and smiles, new dreams encapsulate... Continue Reading →

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