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The Beholder (micropoem)

"Nearly everything we are taught is false except how to read” ~ Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason If seeing is beholding, what do you see? If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what do you see? If... Continue Reading →


Closed Eyes, Closed Heart (poem)

“The mountains are so dominant that some days the people refuse to look at them as children turn away from the fathers who beat them” ~ Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason Exhaustion. The feeling I feel when faced the... Continue Reading →

River Worn (micropoem)

“The hardest part is when the river is too swift and goes underground for days on end” ~Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason Where does the flow go? When the inspiration dries up, When the lines don't fit quite right,... Continue Reading →

Self-Loathing (micropoem)

“I’m quite tired of beating myself up to write. I think I’ll start letting the words slip out like a tired child. “Can I have a piece of pie” he asks, and then he’s asleep back on the cusp of... Continue Reading →

Sleep (micropoem)

“Just beyond the bruised lips of consciousness.” -Birds Again, Jim Harrison bruised hearts, bruised souls, find relief in sleep's embrace. I've been looking for a new challenge when I stumbled across this gem. Looking for a new prompt to challenge... Continue Reading →

“Broken Vows” (micropoem)

    I’m hoping to be astonished tomorrow by I don’t know what“ — Tomorrow, In Search of Small Gods, Jim Harrison She had hoped things would be different this time. Se had hoped he would keep his word. But... Continue Reading →

“Old Verona” (Microfiction)

She sat beside her husband as the gondola glided through the water. Before their ride, her husband told her that in hundred years, this beautiful city would be underwater. Looking around at the brightly colored walls, the laundry hanging from... Continue Reading →

“From Blue to Gray” (Microfiction)

She remembered where she was the day the bombs fell. She remembered what she wore, the bright colors that donned the awnings above the windows, she remembered holding her mother's hand and laughing. What she could never remember is the... Continue Reading →

I long for peaceful waters. So lay down. Allowing the current to move me with it's will. Tired of the struggle, I float. Farther from land, farther from home. But home? Home is where I live. Home is where the... Continue Reading →

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