I’ve been in a little bit of a reading fog lately. None of the books I’ve picked up lately have been very interesting and before long I either delete them from my book app or return them on my Kindle. So I was beyond excited when one of the books that I had a hold for recently became available and was automatically checked out for me.

Storm Warning is one of Roberts’ shorter books. As a result I figured there would be a little action and a good dose of romance and we’d be done. i was greatly mistaken! What I stumbled across was a condensed murder mystery that had me second guessing my suspect every other chapter! The love story between Autumn Gallagher and Lucas McLean is anything but love dovey.

Ok, so here’s a quick summary of the book. Autumn has come to Aunt’s inn at her request and is surprised by some of the guests assembled especially by her ex-boyfriend famous novelist Lucas McLean. Tensions rise as Autumn realizes that not everyone is here for tranquility and the peaceful vacation is disrupted not only by her bossy and invasive ex but by murder.

The plot in itself is enjoyable wit that right amount of twists and action. The character development is also good although I would’ve liked to know more about the victim but other than that no complaints. The main characters Autumn and Lucas were quite interesting. Lucas was ridiculously brooding. I quickly formed a love-hate relationship with him. you can tell that he still has strong feelings for Autumn but he goes about it entirely the wrong way leaving Autumn not only angry but confused. Autumn, still scarred by Lucas’ abrupt rejection three years prior, she determines not to fall for him again. But how will she handle things when all the facts point to Lucas as the murderer? Will she follow her instincts or will she follow her head and where the facts point her? Read the book and find out! That’s my two cents.