I had to take the train from Minnesota Ave to George Ave the other day. In order to get home I had to transfer at L’Enfant and catch the Yellow Line. My connection was downstairs so I followed the signs to get to the escalator which would take me downstairs. It was around 5:00 p.m. and it was crowded so I approached the escalator and rather than just hopping on I kind of waited by the side, waiting for someone to make a space for me. One of the metro workers was behind me. After waiting for a moment she said excuse me and went around me and down the stairs on the left hand side. After watching her go down the first couple steps I got the escalator on the left side.

As I waited for my train it hit me, “Marie, you’ve done that before.” I’ve been guilty of waiting for someone to make a space for me as opposed to making one for myself. Sometimes people will create a space for you to come in and do what you need to do. But that shouldn’t be the expectation. You’re expectation should be that you have to make it for yourself. Just like with the escalator, no one was going to tap on shoulder and say “get on”. They have things to do and a train to catch. If I’m going to get home I have to step forward and get on that escalator. In life if you’ve got a goal or a dream you’ve got to step forward. Your gift will make room for you but you have to make that first move. Get on the escalator, your train is coming. That’s my two cents.