I’m currently getting back in the writing game and was inspired to write this as I was listening to someone’s poem. Feedback would be great! 🙂

If I Could Add One Thing….

Listening to a poem, I thought of you.

Every conversation,

Every argument,

Every laugh,

Every smile,

Every kiss…

Zooming through my mind like the clicks of a film reel.

Looking at “the screen” shaking my head,

“Say this!” “Don’t say that!” “You don’t mean that!”

Truths I should’ve shared.

Too scared of my own thoughts, my words, my soul…


Choking on these swallowed words that demand release.

So here I go.

For all it’s worth…

I did love you.

I loved your passion, your heart.

Wish I could share more of it.

My life was a steady beat when I met you.

Should’ve enjoyed more of your irreverent beat.

The complexity you added wasn’t a burden but breath, life.

I loved it all, though I didn’t understand it all.

I would change those things if I could.

If I could add to you, it would be this.

Leave room for the unknown.

Your every word dripped with confidence.

Words spoken in frustration,

Things said in the heat of emotion,

Spoken with the solidity of cement.


That was the impression you gave.

However, that wasn’t true.

In reality,

You said things, changed your mind.

You spoke about things are if you knew all

Leaving no room for growth, self-discovery.

Assumptions propelling you to dizzying heights

Fears plunging you to perplexing depths,

Leaving my mind reeling…

Heart skipping…

My love was stabilizing

For a while, we found harmony.

Your passion with my serenity


Now, I’m out of wack.

If I could add one thing

I would add you.

I would blend us back together.

Merge our hearts into one beating thing.

I’d add my growth to your growth.

If I could add one thing…

I’d still add you.

For all your flaws,

Your heart, is still the most beautiful thing I have ever known.