Sunday night at 9 o’clock MSNBC aired a brief documentary summarizing Hilary Clinton, the political or public figure. The documentary highlighted her as a person and political figure separate from her as the wife of a former president which I found extremely interesting.


The documentary was an hour and honestly I found myself wanting more! I think Clinton should honestly try and have this documentary shown everywhere because after watching I feel like I finally have the one thing I wanted, an idea of who Hilary Clinton is. Watching clips of her as a political activist, as First Lady in the Governor’s Mansion, then as the Presidential First Lady, Senator, and finally as a presidential candidate.

While the documentary focused on her moves politically and how resilient she has proven to be, it also discussed her potential flaws. Hilary can be secretive and uncompromising. When it came to her private life with Bill and their monetary investments with Whitewater, she was very firm in keeping these things private. Her determination not to share this information and to categorize the pressure placed on her as political pressure really hasn’t done her any favors. It also ties in with this focus on maintaining privacy. Her refusal of a settlement between Paula Jones and Bill Clinton led the way to the Supreme Court allowing Clinton to be sued…which would be followed by Linda Tripp revealing she had the scoop on a much more interesting story…the Monica Lewinsky story.These issues, however, aren’t the main thing. The focus was placed on her support of her husband and how she continued to thrive past these issues.

Closing Thoughts

Clinton’s record is incredible…she is a powerhouse in her own right. In my opinion, Bill Clinton owes much of his success to her. When he lost his governor bid, Hilary became his campaign manager working to spread not only Bill’s message but also pushing issues to the forefront. Her husband appointed her to head the task force on health reform. An unprecedented move but he believed she could do it. She was a strong force on women’s rights and often used the line “Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.”

Watching the clips of her speeches from the past to the present makes me feel like she’s leaving out the best part of herself. One of the amazing things that happened during the 08 election was when Hilary said that she wanted to see America keep going forward and she got a little emotional. Hilary needs to own this story. Her record on fighting for women’s rights, being resilient, her work as a Senator, all these positives need to be highlighted so much more! I’m well aware of her vote in regards to the War in Iraq, her vote for the invasion of Libya, and the Benghazi scandal; what I want more of is the narrative I heard in the documentary. No it wasn’t in depth but it made me want to research her. It made me take a far deeper look at her than I had before. Considering the fact that right now she has problems with connecting with people documentaries like this may help to fill in the gaps. Honestly, I feel like I have a better idea of who she is now than I did before I watched the documentary. If you’ve got the time check it out. Hilary Clinton: It Takes a Nation on MSNBC. That’s my two cents.