Last night proved to be a big night for presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Trump swept all five in there respective primaries last night and won in a very big way. For months now, his adversaries, pundits, and everyday citizens stated that Trump couldn’t win with a large percentage point. Last night definitely put an end to any such comments. Even though voter turnout for the republican primaries was small in terms of the number of those voting, the percentages that Trump won by were not. Especially in a state like Pennsylvania with it’s 54 free delegates, winning by such large majorities could prove very decisive in terms of how delegates will vote during the first round of convention voting, provided that the convention is contested.

Hilary Clinton also had a huge night winning four of five states, losing Rhode Island to Bernie Sanders. The highlight of the night, in my opinion, was Hilary’s victory speech. She gave a couple of shout outs to her husband and to…Bernie Sanders. Praising his excellently executed campaign and outlining her vision for the future that honestly sounded like a blend of both Sanders campaign and her own. Encouraging voters to hold on to their hopeful views of the future but to also have plans to bring those plans into fruition. It was a great speech.

Now to the only other candidate to win last night, Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders up until the results started rolling in was saying loud and clear that he was staying in the race until the convention in June. His wife gave an interview on MSNBC  Monday afternoon stating very adamantly that her husband was staying in the race. During the interview a report came in from the New York Times saying that the Sanders campaign was planning on making adjustments to their campaign in light the growing disparity between the electoral math. Again she reiterated her stance that they were staying in the race till the end.

That end came earlier than I’m sure either of them expected. After winning one state and losing Connecticut 51.8 to 46.4, Sanders made the hard choice to step down. Vowing to stay in and focus on influencing the platform and continue pushing the issues prominent to the middle class. Even though he’s no longer running I still support his stance on the issues. His candidacy forced Hilary Clinton to step up to the plate and work harder for every vote. Her team should be incredible grateful.

Finally, the remaining republican candidates. First up, Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz, the man that would save the republican party has failed…again. Of the five contested he came in last…in  four of five primaries…four!

Here’s the break down :

Trump  Cruz  Kasich

Connecticut 58% 12% 29%

Delaware  61% 16% 20%

Maryland 54% 19% 23%

Pennsylvania 57% 22% 19%

Rhode Island 64% 10% 24%

I’m not even sure if he even received any delegates for his second place finish in Pennsylvania. How he can justify staying in the race after last night is beyond me. I think Republicans are really hoping to get a contested convention but at this rate I just don’t see it. Cruz has 562 delegates to Donald Trump’s 954 delegates. Cruz also lost just about all of the Northeast. For someone that claims to be able to beat Trump he’s struggled to be able to do so as of late.

John Kasich. My personal favorite republican candidate, he’s struggled to win anything. The last delegate count I saw placed his count below Marco Rubio’s. He’s won one state…1/41, his new nickname from Trump. Like Cruz, I think he also is hoping for a contested election.

At a contested convention delegates are required to cast their respective votes for certain candidates but once that first vote is over, if it comes to a second or third vote, delegates are free to choose. If Trump doesn’t get enough delegates in the first vote he could lose the nomination. Leaving room for Cruz or Kasich to walk away with the win. The only problem is that many voters believe that the person who has the most votes should get the nomination regardless of whether or not they’re the best candidate for the job. With Trump’s victories last night I think delegates would be hard-pressed to explain to their community as to why they voted in a different way than the majority indicated they wanted to go.

Final Thoughts

I’m kind of sad that Bernie isn’t in the race anymore. I enjoyed the debate between the two of them. As for the remaining republican candidates…I think we’re beginning to reach that point where republicans need to accept what is. Donald Trump will be their nominee unless something extraordinarily drastic happens within the next few weeks. Anywho, that’s my two cents.