I wrote this poem back in January of 2012 and decided to edit it some. I love to write in the “slice of life” format and this poem is an example of that. The goal was to be as blunt about life as possible and to remind the reader that everyone is going through something, let’s be kind to one another.

Rough day today.

Don’t mind me

Didn’t mean to cut you off in traffic.

My Father just slipped into a coma I am racing there to make sure they don’t pull the plug.

Rough day today.

Don’t mind me

I can’t clear for this semester so I have to pack everything on my own

Party focused friends gone.

Parents won’t hear excuses.

So no I won’t say “Hi” back to you.

Rough day today.

Don’t mind me.

Didn’t mean to bump into you

Didn’t see you walking there

My parents make life hard

Haven’t slept properly in forever so my mind a little foggy

Vision isn’t so clear either

Tears I am fighting back are clouding it.

I hate the way look, my smile, my body, my life.

I hate me.

But don’t worry.

It’ll be over soon.

Rough Day today.

Don’t mind me

I know you’re used to me smiling

Sorry to disappoint.

My load is heavy today

Can’t seem to find my silver lining

So I am sorry if my usually sunny disposition

Seems a little shady

Today I just can’t fake a smile.

So forgive me for not wanting to slap a band aid on my problems.

My life is real.

Problems and struggles overwhelm on the daily.

Life, not what I want it to be.

So excuse my whining.

But it’s the first time someone’s asked about me,

Actually expecting an honest answer.

Sorry about the venting.

It’s been a Rough Day.

Don’t mind me.

I’ll get over it soon…

No need for you to say you’ll pray, we both know you won’t.