I found this poem very rich…I liked it.

The Machinery - A literary collection.

Illustration by Mawia Hunter Illustration by Mawia Hunter.

Currency flows
in explosions
paper covered in contraband
obscure secrets
in love with bureaucracy
pretending to be isms
around quotations
deflecting war ideas
idealizing red tape.

I cannot pretend to be
isms when fingers meet keys
when words touch eyes
they affray in language
making it stutter
for clarity.

About the Author

Jason Elford

“This poem deals with the intimate links between bureaucracy, war, language, and cognition.”

Jason Elford writes short fiction, poems, and novels. His work has appeared in STOPGap. He lives in Calgary, Alberta.

About the Illustrator- 


Mawia Hunter is trying to reflect the art and beauty of Africa and rebuild his past and Roots of Sudan.

Clarity  is one of the many amazing submissions we have received so far for the second edition of the literary collection The Machinery . You can read the first edition  here.

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