The glen was silent.

The ears of the deer twitched.

As did the whiskers of the rabbits.

The animals, at alert.

The dance would soon begin.

The Queen had come.

Summer, clothed in richest green, slowly made her way through the glen.

The night was warm.

The fireflies flashed bulbs of yellowish-green

Let the dance begin.

Curious faces of amber and onyx,

Olive and toffee

Gathered round to cheer the entrance of The Queen.

Soft shrill voices, quiet excitement.

Twirling, twirling, twirling

Endless twirling!

Hands raised.

Silvery, golden, green, bronzed

The colored dresses blurred into one

A shimmering whirlwind of sight and sound.

Then, all at once, the noise cease.

The dance was ended.

All was still.

Summer has come.