Love is that thing that happens at random.



You fall.

You fall, praying it won’t be a disaster.

You build.

What else could you do when faced with the hope of forever?

You talk.

“How was your day?”

“How could they do that to you?”

“Tell me how you feel.”

A litany of conversations that feel huge when you’re in them.

Somehow, not big enough.

You learn things.

Big things, small things, they all matter to you now.

Because they matter to you.

This is love.

This all consuming, heady, thrilling, compelling, feeling.

It scares you but you’re in too deep…

Much too deep to runaway.

Love is that thing they tell you, you want and can never quite put into words.

Love is that thing people search for

Denying it exists for fear of never finding it.

It’s that thing that hits you smack in your gut.

Right at the bottom.

It grows deeper, richer, stronger.

You never knew it could be this way.

That is love.

Love can make question reality.

Do good things really last forever?

Should you try to make it last?

Should you build that castle even if you’re not sure it’ll last?

Is love worth the gamble?


It’s worth the rain to watch lightening strike.

To watch it light up the sky.

It’s worth it even if you never understand why it flashes when it rains.

Love is…

Worth the gamble

Worth the wait

Worth the trouble

Worth the occasional heartbreak

Worth growth that comes from stretching

Love is worth it all.

No matter how long it takes

No matter how different you thought it would be

No matter how difficult it makes life

Take the leap.

Love is worth the risk.

Love is..