I see myself on a beach.

Perhaps couple years from now-

You know, when I get my life together.

I see myself with you.

Talking about the little shop we just pasted.

The souvenir we bought for your mother with the intricately woven pattern.

You said it’ll match the color scheme of the living room.

I laugh. Only you would talk about living room schemes as seriously as I discuss politics.

I see us cuddled up in bed, on a stormy afternoon.

No hot chocolate needed, I have you.

Our passion is enough.

I see us traveling the world.

I see us sharing the difficulties of life.

I see forever with you.

A lifetime shared together won’t be long enough.

All my life I’ve dreamed of a partner, a companion, a friend.

I’ve found that and so much more in you.

I can’t wait to wake to you…

Until then,

Sweet dreams.