As of late a number of my poems have centered on love. I suppose its the romantic in me to wash everything in the soft love-light of love. To believe that while love can itself be a hurdle, with the right partner one can over come these challenges and build something that can stand the test of time.

I’m at the age where a lot of people around me are thinking about love and marriage. As a matter of fact, my friend group at the moment falls into two categories. Those that want to married and those that don’t. Those that due list companionship, someone to share life with, having children, and sex as their reasons. Those against it want to focus on their careers, building themselves, travel, and simply not wanting to be tied down as their reasons.

As of late I find myself drifting between the two. Yes, a part of me longs for that sturdy institution called marriage. But a marriage is only as sturdy as the two people in it. The way it’s important to make sure you have a strong seaworthy vessel you have to make sure you’ve chosen a partner with the right stuff to weather the storms of life with. There’s nothing worse than thinking your ship is unsinkable and realizing you’ve bought yourself a first class ticket on  the Titanic.

Here’s my two cents. Know what you want. If marriage is what you want work on yourself. Become the kind of partner, teammate, friend, that you want to marry. While waiting can be annoying…haste makes waste and when you’re trying to build forever there is absolutely no sense in rushing. As they say, you can’t rush perfection. 😉