Women Walking Away Quotes

She had been through this a thousand times. How many conversations would she have with herself about expecting better. Demanding better. People only treat you the way you allow them to treat you. Yeah, I’ve heard that too often. So she’d pack. She had no idea where she was going. Since she lost her job she hadn’t had a clear thought or decent nights rest in…months. That could be the root of the problem, she had no idea what she thought.  She shook her head. The very idea that she had no idea what she was thinking made absolutely no sense. Yet, here she was. In a two story  Victorian, leaning against an old mahogany chester drawer. Clothes scattered on the bed as she attempted to pack. Pack and go where? What’s the point? She felt like she was running without knowing what exactly she was running from.

Frustrated she started to pace the floor. Combing her fingers through her hair she sighed. “The way you pace a floor you could make new hardwoods old!” Her mother would tease. She stopped pacing and hung her head. If her mother were here she would be ashamed. Ignoring the urge to start pacing again she gazed out of her window. It was cloudy. It wasn’t raining nor was it supposed. She thought it was a pretty good metaphor for her life at the moment. She’d made a mess of what had been a promising start to her life. She had her master’s by twenty-five and for four years had worked at a job she’d loved. Now…now she worked a dead end job just to keep the bills paid. This was not what she envisioned for her life but she felt powerless to change it.

Irritated with the swirling dark thoughts that plagued her mind she turned on the radio. She’d begun to pace again when the strong, stirring, sounds of an electric guitar cracked through muddled thoughts. As she listened to the intro she switched from pacing to gentle sway.

Can I go on my way without you
Oh how do I know
If I go on my way without you
Oh where would I go

Set sail with me
Misty lady, set my spirit free
New love to find
And though I leave another behind

I’ll always (Come back to you)

I’ll always (Come back to you)
Atlantis (Is back to you)
I’ll always (Come back to you)

As the song faded out and another began to play she plopped down on the bed. My life sucks. She thought. But, perhaps, I can find my own way home? Perhaps, I can chart a different course? Dream something else. Perhaps I haven’t found my Atlantis yet…maybe that’s what I’m looking for…

With that she threw clothes into her suitcase. Wrote a quick email to her boss and just to be thorough, called the office an left a voicemail saying she had an emergency and needed some time off. She felt a little guilty about calling this an emergency but she seeing as how she could be on the verge of a quarter life crisis felt the dramatics could be necessary. After scanning her bed room to ensure she had all the essentials she grabbed her suitcase and darted down the stairs only pausing to grab her cat, Frisky. Tossing bag in the back and gentle putting the kennel and Frisky beside it, she called her mother. She was coming home again.
Lyrics to the Isley Brother’s Voyage to Atlantis taken from metrolyrics.com