To those who love the unlovable, the undesirables, the outsiders. Love isn’t a commodity, it’s life. “Freely you have received, freely give.”

“I’ve got thick skin and elastic heart.”

I shout at anyone who passes too close.

I’d survived by building walls.

Barricading myself within there safety.

Stay away!


No need for flashing yellow lights.

My eyes, my stance, and my body language make it clear you’re trespassing.

No one is welcome.

But there you were.

Knocking calmly at the door.

You never missed a moment to say a kind word,

To ask me how I was today,

To silently acknowledge my scowl wasn’t as deep as it was yesterday.

Day by day, your patience worn me down.

You saw my anger as a cry for help.

You saw through the charades, the walls, the barbed wire, the fences.

You saw someone who was longing for a friend, for affection.

Ignoring the discomfort it must of caused you to venture on ground you clearly weren’t welcomed on…

You persisted.

Thank you.