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He’s waiting at the end of the aisle, she thought. Four years, seven months, three weeks, twelve hours, and thirty-eight minutes had led to this moment. She was about to walk down the aisle, to the man she’d dreamed about. She was going to explode, she just knew she would at any second. She’d told her mother as much and her mother laughed. Just butterflies dear, she thought mockingly. She wanted to burst through those doors and jump into his arms. But decorum dictated a stately, elegant, entrance and the honor of her father walking her down the aisle. She turned and smiled at the man who stood in front of the window gazing at her. The proudest smile on his face. No, he wasn’t her biological father but she wanted none other for this honor. Fastidiously, she glanced at the clock. Her father noting the gestured left his station at the window and checked himself again at the mirror. “Time to start the show!” He said.

Squatting slightly, she bent her head as her mother gently pressed the ancient veil in her hair. “This belonged to your great grandmother. You have no idea how much it means to me that you even wanted to wear this old thing.” She gave a watery laugh and made great work of fluffing her daughter’s already fluffed and curled hair. “My something old and borrowed” She responded with a wink. Grabbing her mother’s hand she smiled. From the side soft clicks, blended with the murmurs of talking. Her photographer smiled, this photo would definitely make the cut.

Leaving her mother’s side she reached for her father. “Alright old man. Let’s do it.” She leaned affectionately on his shoulder as they left the dressing room and made their way to the foyer. Standing in front of the sanctuary doors her father shared a little parting wisdom then, the doors swung open. She took a deep breath. Her head held high, she took her first steps towards a new life.

Image from: http://weddings.dennisdrenner.com/weddings/blog-entry/Destination_Wedding_Maria_Teresa_and_Raj_in_Cartagena

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