I’m taking part in Word-High’s 30 Beautiful Filipino Words. Today’s word is Kalinaw which means serenity or tranquility. Want to join? Checkout the link at the bottom:)

Its another gorgeous day in Maryland. I’m driving down Route 2-4, headed to Point Lookout. The sky is a radiant shade of sky blue and the occasional cloud thankfully shields my head from the strong fiery ball that calls it home. No traffic. Unheard of in other parts of my state but that’s why I live where I live. Peace, quiet, the beach, and the occasional deer.

Forty minutes later, I arrive at the entrance of the park. I leave a couple dollars in the envelope box as requested on the sign next to the guard station. No guard is inside. The honor system still has home here.  Ten minutes later, I park my car and make the short trek to the beach. Quiet, peaceful, calm. I’ve been dreaming about it all week. Of sand squeezing through my toes, of the soft lapping waves, of the sweet sea breezes, and the cries of the seagulls. Finally, I’m here. I slide my hands down the back of my skirt and sit on the sand. Aside from a few fishermen and a deer nosing around in the grass, I’m alone. Just my thoughts and I. Just the way I like it.


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