“I’m scared mama!”

“Shh, Child! There’s nothing to fear!”

The next morning they took her.

Parted forever, I’ll never see her on this side of Jordan again.

old slavery.

Just do as you’re told.

“Never question those in authority, it’ll keep you safe.”

Safety has become my new norm.

I walk slowly in the store.

I touch nothing for fear of looking suspicious.

If I’ve purchased nothing, I walk slowly.

Dreading the alarm.

It never sounds.

This is my normal.

A constant suspicion of myself though I’m no criminal.

I was taught to question everything and now to stay alive,

I am told to do the opposite.

What is truth?

My fear is crippling.

Ever present, in the forefront or the background.

No rest, no peace.

new slavery.

mental slavery

Another one has died in the streets.

Strange fruit from different trees.

More strangled cries from mourning mothers, wives, children…

Frantic cries, from broken hearts.

There are no winners in this new normal.

Image taken from: http://972mag.com/a-reminder-to-israel-from-martin-luther-king/33133/img_4132r/