I’m taking part in Word-High’s 30 Beautiful Filipino Words. Today’s word is Muni-Muni which means to think deeply.  Want to join? Checkout the link at the bottom.:)

Angela sat in her history class. She was bored. Another lesson on who conquered who. The lessons from the victors. What about the people who lost the wars? How do they view the winner? She began writing her notebook. She had long since tuned out her professor. She was so engrossed in her writing that she didn’t notice when her professor stopped his lecture. She didn’t notice his slow approach to her desk. Nor did she notice him stop just a little behind her chair. Her train of thought remained focused until she felt the eyes of her peers transfixed on her.

She looked up slowly and had to fight to suppress a scream. “I was wondering how long it would take you to notice…see me after class.” With that he finished his lecture and after giving the class their assignment, dismissed them. Angela, as requested remained in her seat.

Her professor rounded his desk and asked her what she’d been writing. She mumbled something about just doodling her notebook. He looked at her, brow raised. She sighed, she was busted. Might as well hand it over and take the scolding. At least once he was done she could leave. She handed him the notebook. His smirked faded as he read what she wrote. As the silence lengthen Angela began to get restless.

What was he doing? Why is he taking so long to read this? Is he seriously reading every word? Who actually does that? Why can’t he just skim it and move along? It really isn’t this deep. Then she began to get worried. What if he was offended by what she’d written? Or worse yet. What he was going to give her an additional assignment based off what she’d already written? Dang it! I just had to get bored and write. Why couldn’t I just take a nap like everyone else?

The clearing throat of the professor snapped her wandering mind back to attention. ” You do that a lot you know.” He smiled a little, hoping to lighten her mood. She smiled in return.”Now. I’m not super fond of the fact that you were doodling in class” he said, clearly back in professor mode. Noticing the shift, Angela’s smile faded. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to be rude its just-”

“No. I liked what you wrote here. In fact, I love it! This is what I want my students to do. To think deeply about the impact our decisions have on others. No man is an island. Everything we do has a ripple effect. What you’ve written here is a beautiful expose on just that.”

Angela’s jaw dropped. She’d been expecting all times of shade, not praise. “Thank you” was all she could muster. Her professor smiled, “You’ve got a good brain. Use it. make the most of your time here. You’ve been doing some critical thinking and that’s great. When you leave my class I’m not expecting you to have an immediate cure for all of earth’s ills. I want all my students to be conscious and aware. Aware of how you treat people and why. Aware of how the behaviors and beliefs of times past have shaped our world view today. This, Angela, is a great start. Keep thinking, keep pondering, keep questioning. Don’t let anyone dampen that curiosity. We need more of it.”

For the next twenty minutes Angela talked with her professor. By the end of the conversation she had a new mentor and  a new interest, anthropology.


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