So I haven’t felt like writing lately. Nothing’s wrong just, having a moment, needed a break. Anywho, I’m back and I intend to double-up until I catch up. Also because the past Daily Prompt words fit perfectly with the pieces I have in mind for Word High I’ve done a little blending. Hope you like it. 😉

I’m taking part in Word-High’s 30 Beautiful Filipino Words. Today’s word is Silakbo which means emotional outburst.  Want to join? Checkout the link at the bottom.:)

It had been building up in him like a storm. The silence was deafening in the house. His wife was late, again. No phone call, no text, not even a Facebook update. He was worried. His wife’s behavior as of late was out of the norm. She was dressing different. It was especially sexy to be begin with but these subtle changes caught his attention. What the heck was going on?!

She was late. She knew it. Didn’t care. He never seemed to care so why should she? Normally she would call and say that she was running late…but lately she simply didn’t care anymore. So, she started leaving the office later and later. She did it on purpose. At first she did it to avoid spending time alone. He often worked past the regular 9-5 so why rush home to an empty house? When they first got married…she sighed. Repressing the urge to rest her elbow on the edge of the car window she adjusted her spend. She tended to spend when she was distracted. She had no intention of getting a ticket or worse yet, ending up in an accident on the slick, wet roads.

After checking the odometer she allowed her thoughts to seep back into the torrents. She hadn’t been sleeping well. Her clever makeup jobs were no longer cutting it and a guy at work noticed. He seemed to notice everything were she was concerned. He even noticed the fact that she had started taking off her ring at work…sighing she thought about her husband. She loved him. Maybe not as passionately as before but it takes two right? He stopped appreciating the work she was putting in, she stopped putting in the work. They’d created a new normal. Eating separately, showering separately,…she worried soon she might have to add sleeping separately to the list.

She pulled up to the charming Colonial revival house. It’s cheerful white trim paired with warm navy blue paint. Its rustic wood fence that protected the backyard. It was a blend of them both and used to bring her such pride. Now it’s charms went wholly unnoticed by it’s owners. As she pulled into the driveway she noticed the lights were on in the house. Glancing at the clock in the car she winced. It was after eight o’clock. She grabbed her briefcase and braced for the war of words awaiting her.

She walked into the house. The fireplace was on. Since when? She grew suspicious. The table was set and the kitchen was filled with the warm aromas of roasted meat and sauteed vegetables.

As she entered the kitchen he heard her footsteps. He sighed inaudibly. He could sense her tension before she even said hello. After ten years…this is how it is?  He decided to make the first move. Coaching himself into relaxing, he turned around and smiled.

“Well hello there? How was the drive?”

She didn’t like his tone. He wasn’t being himself. Normally her absence was enough to send him into a tizzy. She slowly set her briefcase on the counter. What was he up too? He hadn’t made dinner in over a year. Definitely wouldn’t help her make it anymore so what was the deal?

“Traffic wasn’t horrible. I was expecting it to be worse than it actually was?” She said with a slightly forced chuckle.

He caught it. The discomfort behind the polite eyes. The hesitance in the laugh. His calm was beginning to slip.

They continued the light banter through dinner. Her guard had begun to drop, he noticed…but not enough to merit the next question.

“Why did you come home so late?” He asked it innocently enough but his wife’s relative calm demeanor should’ve been a hint. He would regret ever asking that question.

“I knew you were going to ask about that. I was just waiting on it. Do I ever question you when you’re late?” She asked mockingly.

He took the bait. “Yes you do! All the time. Implying that I’m up to something. That I simply can’t be doing what I say I’m doing. I think it’s a fair question to ask of you don’t you think?!”

Her eyes widened and narrowed quickly. The accusation was out. What would she say?

Her face became placidly calm. “No, I’m not having an affair. But I’ve thought about it.”

The rest of the conversation was a blur. Accusations were hurled. Tears shed. Dishes thrown across the room. All the wild the happy fire crackled in the background. She stormed upstairs. He packed a bag after cleaning up the kitchen. The kids, that he’d wisely allowed to stay at the neighbors, wouldn’t come home to messy house. Chances are they may soon have a bigger mess to deal with.



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