So I haven’t felt like writing lately. Nothing’s wrong just, having a moment, needed a break. Anywho, I’m back and I intend to double-up until I catch up. Also because the past Daily Prompt words fit perfectly with the pieces I have in mind for Word High I’ve done a little blending. Hope you like it.😉

I’m taking part in Word-High’s 30 Beautiful Filipino Words. Today’s word is Pagsamo which means emotional outburst.  Want to join? Checkout the link at the bottom.:)

Married ten years. Together for thirteen. 4748 days… The longest they’d ever been apart during that time was four days when her husband had gone on a business trip. That is, until now. She hadn’t seen him for a week. One whole miserable week. She hadn’t laughed in a week, hadn’t slept in a week, and practically had to live by her coffee pot. Once upon a time she could go days without the thing. Now, now it was the only thing keeping her together. Her children. When she’d gone downstairs after the fight she’d assumed the kids had cleaned the kitchen and was startled when they told her that they hadn’t cleaned it. Her husband had cleaned the kitchen? The thought alone baffled her. Since when? Stumbling out of bed she began prepping for the day ahead her morning brood was interrupted by the phone.

He was living a nightmare. A slow, building panic, that threaten to overturn everything in his life. Thirteen years. They’d helped each other build careers…lives…children. His children. He’d been picking them up from school just to see them everyday only to drop them off at their grandmother’s house. They knew something was up. But he couldn’t bring himself to confess his worst fear coming true. The thing that kept him up at night. His boogeyman. He wouldn’t lose his wife. He couldn’t lose his wife. He’d gone into the office the first three days but by the fourth he realized he should finally take some time off. Nothing says “You need to stop” like wearing your suit inside out and forgetting to zip up your fly. Raking his hand through his hair he prepared to roll himself out of the bed. After six days in a hotel he’d finally had enough. His thoughts were interrupted by the phone. Puzzled he answered.

“Hello, son.” The robust baritone on the other end belonged to his father-in-law.

“Hello, sit.” He responded swallowing hard. He could only imagine what horrible things his wife had said to her father, all justified he thought with a grimace. He’d said some vile things but so had she!

The sigh he heard was deep and somber. Feeling like even more of rebuke than the sentence that followed. “So we’re back to that then?”

Closing his eyes he his over of a sigh. Deep, shuddered, and heartbreaking.” I don’t what to Keith. How do I fix this?”

For the first time in three days, which is how long it took him to pry the truth out of his daughter, he smiled. “Now, that’s the man I know. The man I know that debated with me over why he should have the privilege of marrying my daughter. Here’s what  you do…”

Thirty minutes later, clean shaven and showered. He left the hotel with renewed purpose. Headed for his father-in-law’s lake house.

She didn’t get it but her father had never really been wrong. When it came to her he seemed to know what was going on long before she did. Though he hadn’t taken sides, he made it clear that she was wrong for picking the fight and that she should’ve known better than to think her husband would cheat. She hated that he was right. He husband would rather leave than cheat. Irritated and tired, she forced herself to focus on the road. Her father had told her to go to the lake house. “It always cleared your head before. No reason the recipe shouldn’t work now.” So, to the lake house she would go. He’d told her that he go ahead of her and stock the fridge and leave the lights on. She smiled. Her father was the best. The only man that even came close was…she shook her head to clear it. She couldn’t think about that right now. The tears could wait till she got into the cabin.

Twenty minutes outside the city and nestled between two giant pines, the cabin overlooked the right side of the lake. Still and quiet, her parents would often escape there for the weekend, especially since entering retirement. She drove up the steep drive and parked in front of the garage knowing her father’s prized 1965 Ford Mustang should be parked inside. She grabbed her bag and dashed inside. She was greeted by a a roaring fire in the hearth. She sighed contentedly and shrugged out her coat. As she walked further into the warmth of the living room she froze. Singing, was coming from the kitchen. It wasn’t her father’s voice. It was higher… tone. Not as stirringly deep but strong. She took a few more steps towards the sound braced to run if need be. Then she heard it, the familiar drumming on the counter and nearly cried from relief. She entered the kitchen and leaned against the door frame.

He stood with an apron wrapped around his waist with flour on his sweater and hands. A delicious looking pastry cooling on the counter.

“Well, this the second time you’ve cooked for me in a week.” She said with a slight smile.

He swallowed hard. He would’ve cried if he thought it would’ve worked. Instead he turned to her and let his emotions show.

He was tired. She could see the exhaustion written all over his handsome face. She repressed the strong urge to comfort.

“How did you know I would be here- my father. The sneak set me up!” She said with my frustration than he expected.

He turned off the stove. He’d expected an easy makeup he quickly realized he was mistaken. As he stepped forward, she stepped back. He couldn’t hide the wince. No, this won’t be easy.  He thought.

“You said I was indifferent. You accused me of being insensitive. Said I stopped doing all the things we used together.-”

“You did.”

He held up a hand. “Let me finish. Please.” He added when her eyebrow raised. He wouldn’t risk letting her start the sass again. The sass had been his undoing the last time and it wouldn’t happen again.

“You accused me of just checking out of marriage but that’s not what I was trying to do. You said that you wanted to retire when the kids were done with college. You said you didn’t want to worry about a mortgage or any other big ticket items. So I got to work. I’ve been working with a financial planner. I’ve worked up a plan that get us where you want us to be financially. My plan was to show you all this on our anniversary. It never occurred to me that my behavior would appear to you as indifference or that it would tear us apart before that day even arrived. I love you.” Closing the gap between them he gently touched her face and felt a wash of relief roll over him when she let her cheek rest on his hand. “I never want to hurt you or put those tears in your eyes. Tell me how to fix this?”

“You just did. Now, show me those plans.” She said with a watery smirk.

The next morning he awoke with his wife in his arms and the remains of the fire slowly dying. He kissed the top of her head. The worst week of his life was over. Heaven help him if he ever did something so stupid again. Chuckling softly as he realized if it ever did he wouldn’t survive. When she stirred slightly, he realized he wouldn’t want to if it meant living without her.



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