I’m taking part in Word-High’s 30 Beautiful Filipino Words. Today’s word is Kaulayaw which means a pleasant and intimate companion. Want to join? Checkout the link at the bottom.:)

When I was a child I thought the best friend I could have was my significant other. I thought that having that one chosen, special person would be the highlight of my life. I was wrong. Having a significant other is a beautiful thing and they add their own special flavor to life leaving it richer simply by being there. But there’s something magical about having a best friend. Knowing that you have a friend that you can talk and laugh with. You guys have been through life together. They’ve known you through life changes like break ups, makeups, graduations, marriages, divorces. There’s nothing more beautiful than having a tried and true friend. One that can be honest with you about when you’re being an idiot and need to cut it. Someone you feel comfortable venting with, knowing that your secrets are safe with them. That, that’s something special.

So here’s to the best friends, the besties, the BFF’s, and whatever else you call your friends. Life would be boring without you! Cheers.


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