I’m taking part in Word-High’s 30 Beautiful Filipino Words. Today’s word is Harana which means the act of wooing someone by serenading. Want to join? Checkout the link at the bottom.:)


They’d been dating official for five months. Valentine’s Day would mark their fifth month. She was over the moon. He told her to wear something really special that night because he had plans for her. He was making her dinner. No guy had ever made her dinner before. She was anxious. What to wear? What to do with this hair?! After rummaging through her closet she chose a shimmering gold dress with black and gold heels. She’d curled the ends of her hair and applied her favorite lip gloss. She was ready. Taking a deep breath, she left her room and headed downstairs.

Fifteen minutes later she arrived at the designated place. He’d made her dinner and it was great. She was impressed. Soft light glowed from shaded lamps. Place settings for two with champagne glasses. He bought sparkling cider but she was too nervous to even touch the glass. They had chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. They talked about their day and about the plans for the rest of the week. She willed herself to breath normally and stop fiddling with her hands under the table. He told her how happy he was to be with her. How much he loved and cared for her. Her heart melted. He played a song for her. A wedding song. He mouthed the words to her as they danced around the table. The gentle sway slowed as focus shifted from dancing to lips. From face, to neck, to hair, down arms, over breasts, up and down the back; their hands traveled familiar territory. He told her he’d chosen that song to share what he felt. She smiled. Her first real Valentine’s date had been one for the record books.


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