I’m taking part in Word-High’s 30 Beautiful Filipino Words. This a blended piece combining both the Daily Prompt with Word High July. Today’s word is Makisig which means dashing, well-dressed, gorgeous. Want to join? Checkout the link at the bottom.:)

Another event to attend.

I wear a floor length gown of polished bronze.

A slit on the side exposing my calf

Off the shoulder straps accentuated with crystal broaches in the middle of straps.

I make my way through the room

Schmoozing has always been a chore for me.

Not for him.

I watch him make his way through the room.

Charming, charismatic, full of humor.

His smile is full.

Lighting up his whole face and the room.

His simple of suit of steel gray singles him out from others in the crowd.

Our eyes met from across the room.

He nods at me,

Slowly working his way towards me.

I halfheartedly continue my conversation with a friend

Anticipating the hand at the small of my back.

One of the people in the group has been getting a little too frisky,

Too much staring not aimed at my face.

I turn to him and smile.

With joy sublime and a hint of pride I ask,

“Excuse, have you met my husband?”

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