I’m a Jane Austen type of girl. I even love the spin-offs that people have made. The line, “Not one heartbeat have I forgot” comes from Lost in Austen (BBC has a mini series adapted from the book that is absolutely hilarious) and serves as the inspiration got this piece . Check it out. 😉

They hadn’t spoken for over a year. Seeing him face to face, she stared hard. Absorbing every detail. The slight changes around his eyes. His hair has grown since the last time she saw him. He had changed. The warmth of his smile no longer shun for her. Still, she determined to be as warm as she’s become during his absence.

The conversation was unraveling. She could see the hurt and the anger bubbling under the surface as he spoke. He blamed her for how things ended. Could she be surprised? He accused her of not feeling anything. Said she was cold and indifferent. His eyes, hard he grabbed his jacket to go.

Her eyes cast down, voice soft, she spoke her heart. “Not one heartbeat have I forgot.”

He froze. Turning back slowly he watched her. The air trapped in his lungs threatened to explode. Using the trapped breath to give voice to his disbelief he asked her to repeat what she said.

Looking up she matched his steady gaze. “Not one heartbeat have I forgot. Not one moment. Not one second. All the good and the bad…I cherish it all. Don’t you dare suggest otherwise.”

He slowly released the breath he wasn’t aware he’d been holding and sat down again. Reaching for her hand he asked, “So how can we put this back together again?”

Smiling for the first time since their conversation started she said, “I haven’t the foggiest idea. But, we can figure it out together.”