They were on their way home from running errands on a Monday evening. She sat beside her father, listening to the radio. Talking about their day and the man they’d just met at Wendy’s when it came on. Dreaming of You, by Selena. Instantly, she was transported back in time. To the young girl bravely acted on first real crush. To the young romance that barely made it past the three month mark. To her first real heartbreak. To the song being the most played song on her Ipod. To those incredibly sad months without him.

Smiling, she sings along with Selena. She was young then. She never thought she’d get to a point when she could hear this song and not want to cry but here she was, in the car, singing along. Tapping her fingers on the armrest to the beat. Thinking about how far she’d come and trying not to think about her latest heartbreak.