He’d never run so hard in his life. He’d found her note on the table. Panic seized him, he knew what she was planning. She was going to jump. He ran to his car, racing to Mount Sullen.

He all but jumped from the car. Barely escaping the car door before it slammed shut. On instinct, he raced up her favorite hiking trail grabbing branches for support, ignoring the scrapes and the jagged rocks hitting his sides. Finally reaching the top, he took in the scene before him in a moment. The moon shone brightly above, bathing the end of the trail in light. His best friend lay, heaving, on the ground. The galling sounds of her impassioned weeping searing his heart. Behind them, the forest. In front, the jagged rocks and the peaceful lake  below.

He wanted to hold her, to comfort her. Stepping forward, his foot crunching on the gravel, she turned. Recognizing his face in the light she screamed, “No! Don’t say anything! I won’t go back!” and jumped.

He didn’t hear the scream that roared from his own throat, nor did he hear the gravel crunching under assault of his feet. He did feel the cool breeze rushing over his body as he hurtled through the air, arms extended, still trying to reach her as they plunged into the water below.