In honor of the first day of Fall, sequel to Dance of the Fairies (A Poem)

He’s coming.

The once warm glen had begun to chill.

The days had slowly grown shorter.

The once glorious Queen, looked glum.

Her time was short.

The trees, with bowed heads wept at her parting.

Soon they would be bare.

But not yet.

The Prince had come.

With out stretched arms he greeted his mother.

She bowed her noble head at the little dwarfs that heralded his arrived.

No twirling fairies.


Now was time to prepare.

He is coming.

Soon the glen would be hushed for what seemed like forever

But, that was a ways off.

With the entrance of the Prince came the feast!

Rich bronze colored dishes, savory meats, chilled or mulled wines!

Fifes and fiddles met out merry tunes!

The squirrels and chipmunks squeak, chip, scurry in time.

Yes! They would feast and dance around warm cozy fires!

Until the frosts reached the first fir tree…

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