“Could it be, that bravery and daring are synonymous.”- Marie S.

She dressed in all white. The suit separates made her feel slightly more mature but the cut made up for that. She always felt more confident in white and today she could use all the confidence she could muster. It wasn’t every day that a thirty-two year old defend her dissertation. Especially when this particular dissertation challenged the leading scholar in the school Egyptology. As her clip-clop of her heels echoed in the partially filled hall, she prepared herself for the barrage of questions she was sure she’d have to face. It wasn’t every day that the foremost scholar on Egyptology was present for a dissertation defense.

She stood in the airport staring at the departures board. She’d already gone through her checking. Chatting with Alice, who she learned would also be a flight attendant on her flight later, had calmed her nerves some. Still, she stood staring at the departures board as if memorizing her gate number. Gate E8, departing in forty-five minutes. She’d never been more than twenty minutes from her house. She’d never been away from home for longer than a couple days. Now, at nineteen she was preparing to be more than 8 hours away from home…by plane. As she walked towards her plane she mentally said goodbye to her homeland and prepared to say hello to America. It would be twenty years before she’d see Trinidad’s shores again.

“You’re too young to get married!” She shouted at her daughter. What was the child thinking of?! She’d barely finished college. She still lost her phone and car keys all the time. She still didn’t like to clean! How could she be a wife at twenty-two? Pacing the floor, her daughter gestured and waved her arms as if this would drive home her point. Her daughter didn’t know what she was getting into. Marriage wasn’t for the faint of heart. Its a lifelong commitment. She thought, looking across at the man seated in the old loveseat, nonchalantly reading a newspaper. Turning her attention back to her daughter she said, “You’re either the bravest person I’ve ever met or just plain stupid. Either way. Get your jacket. I’ll help you plan this mess.”