They came everyday to The Tree. She watched as tens of people shuttled under The Tree’s large, thick branches. She watched them pull pieces of paper from jackets, purses, jean pockets, and scribble notes. Then watched as they tied their notes to the strings hanging from the branches.

The hours passed. She watched groups of people leave until the sun slowly melted into the mountains. As she grabbed her bad to leave, a little man emerged from behind the tree. Taking an old wooden ladder from the backside of The Tree she watched as the little man shuffled about The Tree removing the bits of paper.

Knowing that not knowing what he was doing would drive her crazy she jogged over to the man. “Excuse. Sorry to disturb you. What are you going to do with these little pieces of paper?”

He turned around and looked her square in the eyes. For the first time she noticed the little upturned shoes, and the shape of his ears…this wasn’t a little man…he was an elf.

His cheeks now rosy from the way she was peering at him, he straighten his shoulders an in a voice gruffer than she was expecting said, “Well I’m certainly not going to answer them if that’s what your thinking!”

He laughed when she let out a shocked breath. “How would you feel little missy if I shrew about little bits of paper around your house?!”

With that the elf grabbed his latter and muttered, “Sheesh. You try and do a guy a favor by answering this one pesky note and next thing you know people come flocking to your door!”

Confused and little shocked she made her way back to her car. Stuffing her own note back in her pocket.