She slung her bag over her shoulders and climbed up the stairs to his apartment. With the power outage knocking out the whole grid she figured they could be powerless together. She brought a book, her fully charged tablet, and her cell phone. She liked to be prepared. Walking into the apartment she was greeted by the glow of a hundred candles. They covered every surface of the apartment. It would’ve been romantic if she hadn’t already begun to sweat.

He strode out of the bedroom arms lifted in the universal sign of winners, “What do you think? Romantic or what?” Beaming, he walked over to her a gave her cheek a kiss before grabbing a soda from the freezer.

“You know, the stuff in the fridge might actually last through the night if you crack a couple windows. It feels like a furnace in here!” She said, as she leaned against the counter.

“Well at least you can’t complain about it being cold.” He said over his shoulder as he walked into the living room.

She followed him in and sat on the floor. “Well, what do we do now?”

“Well…” his words trailed off as he noticed her arched brow, taking that as a no he bounded up and walked into the bedroom.

“I thought we might pour out our deepest secrets and realize what we already know, that we’re soulmates.” He said with a ridiculously posh accent with his hand behind his back.

“I know no such thing.” She said laughing. “What the heck is behind your back?”

” As I was saying”, he continued slowly walking towards her.

“I thought we could pour our souls out over a riveting game of UNO.” Producing the pack with a flourish.

Foolishly charmed she took the pack and began to shuffled the deck. She thought it fair that she warn him she played to win. He laughed but two losses later realized she meant it.

Four hands later, they were awakened by the blurring of the blender. Awkwardly shuffling into the kitchen, he lifted the lid on the blender and sniffed.

“You want a slightly warm smoothie?”

Crinkling her nose, “No thanks.” Laughing, she wobbled legs into the kitchen and rummaged around for something edible to eat.