I was in the car with my Dad just chit chatting it up when all of a sudden this song came on. I instantly thought, “No way is this a Christmas song.” Then I remembered the music at the end. Dan Fodelberg. Same Old Lang Syne. Nothing says the holidays like it…unless you’re single. Then I’m pretty sure you can think of a hundred thousand different songs that are incredibly less depressing.

But that’s how the holidays are. Everyone gets together, all the talking, and the laughing and the food, and the “when are we going to meet ___” or “why are you still single?”, or my personal favorite “Don’t worry, your time will come”.

Being single is fine. I’ve adjusted for the most part, but the holidays have always been a special burden. Even when I was in a relationship, because he lived in a different state we never got to do the family holiday thing. Sigh. I just want that person to share the joy of the holidays with. Share inside jokes about our families. Share random holiday traditions. Go look at the Christmas lights in the posh neighborhoods (some of them really make of show of it 😉).

Honestly, whether we’re talking about the music, or the holiday movies, or the commercials, it just seems like the holidays are geared towards lovers.