He walked the street unnoticed. People often ignore what they think should be. A man of average height with his collar turned up probably wouldn’t garner a second look but a man in a baggy diaper with a bow and arrow? Yeah, that would arose attention.

As he walked he looked for something to catch his eye. The woman pouring over relationship advice, the man on the prowl looking for another woman, he ignored both. Too easy. He stopped mid thought, there she was. A women sat silently reading the Financial Times. Everything about her said composed and confident. He slowly pulled out his gun and aimed it at the man that he’d just passed, fired. The man immediately turned on his heel and saw the woman.

Cupid considered shooting the woman as well, decided against it. Sometimes humans had to be reminded of what a broken heart feels like and she was just the one to break it. Shrugging, he turned around and went off to find another victim.

Welcome to Day 9 of November Notes Challenge! Today’s challenge is based on Marilyn Manson’s “Cupid Carries a Gun” Looking for a new challenge? Check out the links to join in.😉 November Notes bought to us by Rosema and Sarah Doughty!