He boarded the south bound train headed for home. The long day he’d had at work was compounded by the droning of his mother on the other end of the phone and the pungent odor of the subway. The question was always the same, “When will I get some grandbabies?!” Once out of exasperation and irritation he’d responded with “When they drop out the blooming sky!” This retort earned a stern lecture and pinch on the ear. He’d since learned it was best for his piece of mind and his sensitive ears to just let her rant. 

Still, he hated the lecture. It always made him feel as if he were failing in the man department because he was still single. What was he supposed to do? Jump the first woman he was attracted and latch on until she caved?

While he sat absorbed in thought, a woman sat beside him. She took her time arranging her things so they wouldn’t fall or be in the way of the guy seated next to her. She looked at him for a moment and felt a great deal of pity for the woman on the phone.This man was clearly a million miles away. 

On a frustrated sigh he tore his glance from the window and into the eyes of the woman next to him. Her startled expression gaveway to a blushing smile. He swore the world stopped. She quickly looked away seemingly transfixed with something her skirt and straightening her coat. He smiled. 

His mother continued to talk but his thoughts had drifted to the woman beside him. Mixed in with the mother and his own thoughts he swore he heard “Buses and Trains”. Pushing the mute button on his phone he turned to the woman and said, “Bachelor Girl?” Her sheepish smile sealed the deal. They talked until she arrived at her stop. She handed him her business card with her cell number scrawled on the back and walked off the train. 

Arriving at his stop he remembered his mother was still on the phone. He turned off the mute just in time, “Are you even listening to me?” 

He smiled and said, “Always. By the way, I met a girl.” And dutifully listened as his mother unveiled an elaborate scheme he had no intention of implementing. 



Welcome to Day 24 of November Notes Challenge! Today’s challenge is based on Bachelor Girl’s “Buses and Trains”. Looking for a new challenge? Check out the links to join in.😉 November Notes bought to us by Rosemaand Sarah  Doughty!