I absolutely love James Taylor’s version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. Every time I hear it, it just makes me smile. The smoothness of his voice coupled with the simplicity of the melody just carries the theme of the song so well.

Anyway, I was in the car with my mom bouncy from store to store in search of the perfect decor for the house when it came on the radio. As I listened to the words one line stood out,”in a year our troubled will be out of sight”. Throughout the song actually, this line is repeated in some form as if the songwriter where trying to tell us at some point in your year , your life will suck. Just “muddle through somehow” and “in a year your troubles will be miles away.”

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. How the passage of time dulls the memories of events that once were so consuming. This time last year I was nursing a broken heart. Questioning the purpose of the reason behind it, wondering if my ex and I could somehow piece it all back together. A year later I’m fine. Perfectly fine and the pain I felt is just a distant memory…I suppose I successfully muddled through.

I don’t know what your story is. I don’t know if you’ve been muddling through for a long time or if your muddle just started. What I do know is that life is kind of like a pendulum. We never status in one extreme too long and eventually we do balance out. Most of my year was spent on the down side of the pendulum and I’m happy to say it’s balanced out to a smooth medium, right in the center. I wish the same for you. 

So, here’s to you. Have a Merry Christmas, even though your circumstances might not be what you hoped. Along the lightness and the joy that this season can bring, to carry you aloft for a little while. Allow your problems, if just for a moment, to drift from sight…