Welcome to my Christmas stories. Some will be heartfelt, some will be sappy, and some will hopefully make you chuckle, but all will glow with the warmth of the season. Enjoy. ☺️

I’m completely out of practice. Her favorite Christmas movie watched her stare unblinkingly at the dark phone screen. She hadn’t talked to him all day. She wasn’t doing anything special but for some reason she wanted to tell him that. To tell him that she wasn’t doing anything and to see if he wasn’t doing anything too. 

Sighing heavily she turned her attention from the phone to the tv screen. She’d read a novel, talked to one friend, checked in on another. She missed him. How was it possible to miss someone so much so soon? She’d forgotten it could be like this. Forgotten that even if you did absolutely nothing, you’d still want to share that. 

Looking at her Christmas tree, the decorations, the warm glowing fire. She wanted nothing more than to share all of this, with him. Standing in front of her Christmas tree she touched one of he shiny red bulbs. I wonder if Santa can gift wrap people?