Welcome to my Christmas stories. Some will be heartfelt, some will be sappy, and some will hopefully make you chuckle, but all will glow with the warmth of the season. Enjoy.😊

He stood to the side, watching as his sister and sister-in-law dress his daughter. His little girl was getting married. Where on earth did the time go? The dress was stunning. The v in the v-necked dress as they called it was a bit too low for his tastes but then again he was the dad. He thought of his own wedding day. Her mother had worn an even deeper one…he didn’t want to think too much of that though. Just the thought of his future son-in-law thinking like that was enough to make him squirm. 
So to chase the thoughts away he cleared his throat. At the sound, the three women turned and his felt like it was going to burst. What a picture they made. His little girl, all decked in white, her bouquet resting on the bench beside her. He walked over and took her hand.

“Are you ready for your veil?” He asked.

With watery eyes she nodded and he slide the comb in place as the clerk had taught him. As he gently lifted the front of the veil over her face he couldn’t help but think this was his wife’s job. She should be the one to do this.

With shining eyes, his daughter looked up. She knew what he was thinking. “I know Daddy. I miss her too. So much. But she would be happy today and she’d want us to be happy too.” 

Not trusting his own voice, he nodded and stepped back so she could leave the bench. Arms linked, they walked towards the door and headed for the main hall.

Once outside the doors, he felt the urge to say something. Some fatherly advice. Anything to calm the nerves he felt bouncing off his daughter like raindrops on a tin roof. 

“I know I’ve told you this but marriage is hard work kid. There will be Times when you want to stab this man with your curling iron-”
She smirked. “Curling iron? Really Dad?”

“Hey, you women are inventive. I wouldn’t put it past you” he said with a wink. “Anyway, just remember this man is worth every fight. Stick with him. I think you’ve picked a winner.”

“Thanks Dad. How did you and mom do it? You guys made it look so easy. I know you guys had issues but…I don’t know.”

The bridesmaids lined up in front of them and he nodded at his daughter’s best friend.

“The day your mother and I got married was around the time the song ‘The Way We Were’ came out. Your mother made me watch the movie.” Faking a grimace he added, “the woman had no heart.” His daughter laughed, all he saw was his wife.

“Anyway, whenever we had an argument the song would play. I used to think she did it on purpose”, he said with a sad smile. 

“One day, before we had you, we had a huge fight. It was the first time I actually considered leaving her. I grabbed my coat and ran to the car. Just took off. Didn’t even close the door behind me. I saw her at the window crying as I peeled off. 

“I didn’t even make it a block. Those stupid song lyrics kept playing in my head.

‘Can it be that it was all so simple then,

Or has time rewritten every line,

If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me, would we, could we.’

“Well, I took my butt back home. We argued some more but after I told her those lyrics, well.” 

His daughter laughed catching the hint.

“Find something that works for you two. Something that when you see it or hear it, reminds you of the beauty of what you’ve found in each other. I adored your mother. I know you love this guy and I wouldn’t have even let this punk in my house if I doubted for one second that he felt the same about you. I’m proud of you kid.”

“Oh Dad! You’re going to make my makeup run!” She said with a watery laugh.

He walked her down the aisle. He gave his little girl away and watched her join another. He thought of his wife. He went to the reception. Joined in some of the Christmas, wedding themed, games. He didn’t even know they had those. He danced with his daughter. Made everyone laugh till the cried with his dance moves and then at about midnight called it a night. He hugged his new son and kissed his daughter and got into his car when the valet brought it.

He turned the radio to his favorite station and listened as someone requested their favorite song from a movie. The radio host, so enamored with the idea decided to play her favorite too. He smirked as the melancholy notes filled the car. What were the odds? Smiling, he drove home and thought of his wife and the radio host who loved his late wife’s favorite song.