My first collaboration! I collaborated with my very dear friend Dale, hope you guys enjoy it. 🙂

As I throw away the remainder of my croissant I see her
Gloriously radiating a light akin to hope
I can’t let this moment slip away,
I make my way over,
Our eyes meet for a moment,
Her body language suggesting I bring my “A” game
And then I envision,

A candlelight dinner,
The lady like a queen gracefully floating thru her kingdom to the table,
All try to avert their eyes and are unable,
I feel like a winner,
I pull out her seat and patiently wait as she graces the chair with her presence,
Her aura demands reverence,
I can smell the Herbal Essences,
And coconut oil,
And the future to-go plates wrapped in foil,
Getting ahead of myself,
I sit down and turn on the charm,
We share some good laughs
Then I offer my arm
We dance a lil bit while waiting for the entrées,
The way she smiles is hypnotizing,
Good vibes stay,
Can sense her optimism rising,
I go silent for a while,
No verbalizing,
She tryna get her body close,
So surprising,
We then proceed to sit to eat,
Her movements tantalizing,
I think I’m sprung,
We discuss current events and,
“Where the time went” and,
Dreams unfulfilled and,
Strengthen my will to,
Tell bravado chill cuz,
There’s no need to be a,
Macho man with cheese just,
Be me and she will see that,
I’m all the man she need plus,
She makes me feel secure so,
I won’t be a bore if,
I share my heart and soul with,
The lady in the black dress,
And she’s got really, really big-

She broke my concentration,
She smiled at something and I forgot what I was gonna say,
I’m at the table now,
Seeming to have forgotten how to form words,
Vocalized pauses fly from my mouth like young birds,
The vision I envision in my head like days gone by,
Strangling my cleverness as i barely breathe a “Hi”.