Part two of my amazing collaboration with Dale. Check out part 1 here. 🙂

Average height,
Average looks,
Above average weight.
My hair doesn’t elegantly coil nor is it silky straight.
Wide nose, full lips.
The woman in my book is willowy.
Her limbs are slim.
I imagine lettuce in her teeth.
The image alone brightens my day.
Coffee mug beside me, I sink deeper into my world of make believe.
Fingers cusp to turn the page,
The next page has to “it”,
The moment he finally says the words the willowy woman has been dying to hear.
I turn the page but I’m interrupted.
A soft voice calling me from my dream world.
Asking for my attention.
What is my face doing?
The man talking to me seems nice, a little nervous,
My scowl deepens, I knew it!
I’m frowning.
Internally rolling my eyes I try to tune back into his words
But my book!
He’s cute, the man talking to me.
A little taller than me,
Chubby cheeks,
From his word choice, well spoken.
He’s staring at me.
I think he’s finished.
What do I say??
“I’m sorry, I zoned out. You’re kinda cute.”
I think I just confused him.
His previously hopeful smile is now slightly crooked,
He’s cute confused.
I flutter my lashes, his eyes narrow.
I like a man who’s attentive.
My number?
I tear a page out of my personal scribble book
Scrawling my number and name across the paper
I tell him to use it.
Only a brave man would interrupt a woman engrossed in a book,
I’m thinking I could use a little brave.