I am tired.
My soul aches with the burdens of a mouth too long held,

Too many secrets contain therein.

I ache.

I ache under the pains I’ve been forced to endure

And those yet to come.

To live, is to suffer.

Perhaps that’s true and yet…

Yet I dig.

I dig deeper within myself for truth,

For a deeper perception of self and a deeper appreciation of it.

I dig deeper to become more.

If life is truly what I make it,

Perhaps it is what it is because I’ve yet to work.

I’ve yet, to make it.

I’ve yet to hope, I’ve yet to dream, I’ve yet to give.

I’ve yet to give my all to any cause.

How can I be overworked, when I’ve yet to work?

My pain and struggles are real

But, tomorrow is another day.

With the potential to be brighter than today.

So I’ll walk, dream, work, while it is still day.

My work has only begun and the day is not far spent.

Let us work and be not weary.

Dig deeper and still deeper.