Shh… your mind is clogged with thoughts that don’t matter.

Clear them.

Embrace this moment as it is.

Seated beside me on this bench, at our favorite park,

Feel the chill of the stone bench beneath you,

Trace the lines on my face.

Remember the way my eyes crinkle as I laugh.

The sweetness of this moment cannot be erased.

See the bright light in my eyes.

No disease can erase this.

See the glow in my cheek, watch the puff of my breath escape like smoke towards the clouds.

I know your heartaches but think of this moment.

Of us on a bench.

The trees, encapsulating our world.

I know you see only their skeletal outline, bare and scarred, ashen and white.

But I see promise, the hope of a season yet to come.

Remember then, me as I was and as I am.

I have loved and I have laughed

To all those whom I have loved, I hope I also made you laugh.

The leaves have fallen now. They litter the ground with their dark brown hue.


But, I remember them as they were.

Bright, vivid, green leaves, dancing from the outstretched arms of trees.

Swaying, in the winds of a warm summer’s day.