Pensive. Irritated. Annoyed. Sad. Pretty adjectives that paled to what she felt inside. Sitting on the small back terrace of her condo she gazed out at the night seeing nothing. She thought of him. She missed the sound of his voice. His voice, smooth one moment and clipped when excited. His lightening fast smile. The first time he’d grinned at her she’d been lost. The first time he held her, strong arms pulling her in close, firm hands holding her in place. She’d known she wanted that feeling for the rest of her life.

But they were apart now. Separated by miles. Hundreds of miles. She never knew she could hate a place so much. He’d been gone three long months. She missed him. The distance was unbearable and each time he called she feared it would be the last. He would find someone else. Someone closer. She kept her fears to herself. Dreading that he should think her silly or childish. Her mother tried to comfort her with the old adage that distance makes the heart grown fonder but she already loved him! She loved him too much if her strained heart was any indication.

She felt the wind pick up slightly. The forecast had suggested rain but the day had been blissfully sunny. She found it poetic that with the night would come the storms. Trying her robe tighter around her she walked back inside, locked the doors, and took a seat in her favorite chair.

She was about to turn on the radio when the phone rang. Taking the phone off the hook she said, “Hello?”

“What are you doing up?”

Sinking deeper into the chair as relief washed over her in waves she smiled, “Waiting for you”.