Welcome to my three part series of stories and poems Love Constellations based on a challenge sent to me by a friend, these poem/love letters are between Earth, Moon, Sun. Think of it as a cosmic love triangle. 😉

I am a mere reflection of you.

Your fire, your passion fueling my life and purpose. I adore you. I can see why the people of earth once worshiped you. You symbolize life itself. Warming the very center of the universe, the universal magnet that pulls us all together. I love you. Your strength and resilience, give me purpose.

You herald the day and I, the night. I am the embodiment of your absence, but I need you. Have you not seen this? Even on the darkest night, I shine because of you. None know that the soft silver light that has feed the souls of a thousand of Earth’s poets, is all for you. Because of you.

No, I have not Earth’s fertility to recommend me. No people will ever call me home. My core, too cold to ever cause vegetation to thrive and yet… Yet I hope to win you. Don’t let the faintness of my glow, the coolness of my cheek and touch, fool you. I am your match. Together we complete the day. We are the measure for days and years. Aside from the God we all live for; there is no one I bow to, yield to, digress to, save you.

Faithful I have remained, hovering over the planet you love. The ruin of my hopes and dreams but for you I would shine til our constellation is no more if only so we could meet, once more, at dusk.

Love, Moon.