Welcome to my three part series of stories and poems Love Constellations based on a challenge sent to me by a friend, these poem/love letters are between Earth, Moon, Sun. Think of it as a cosmic love triangle. 😉

I am the mother of all.

The heat of your inquisitive gaze greeted me on the day of my birth. The thought of you watching me bloom flushing my cheeks. Under your fiery hand I grew vast forests, my rich soil sprouting vegetation, the very elements of my essence feeding the suckling mouths of our children. You have seen my brightest moments and greatest triumphs, you have seen my failings and the flaws of our children. Do you love me less for these imperfections?

I have birthed peoples, nations, kings. I am richness personified. Life teems on me, around me, in me. But I’m nothing without you. I thrive, because of you. The music of life that hums within me, a testament of our love, the only gift I can give to you.

I am not the Moon. Her soft slivers of light, gracefully illuminating the sky. She shines above me, a silent reminder of my distance from you. Her cool surface, strong enough to bare the closeness of you. She bares your light like perfume, mixing it with her own essence. Creating something new and uniquely her own. I have not her haloed shape, her fair twinkle, or her dimpled cheeks.

I am wide. I bare the marks of the life that makes its home within me. My once vibrant skin has paled in places. My lushness has faded under the weight of their needs. I am not the proud woman I was in my youth. I have aged but my love for you remains. You are the enricher of my gifts. Each day, I welcome you with a heart more your own than the day before. For you I stretch forth my arms your luminescence, stimulating the nurturer in me.

From a heart forever your own,