Welcome to the Love Constellations series between Earth, Moon, Sun. Think of it as a cosmic love triangle. 😉

I am the light that brightens an otherwise darkened galaxy.

Radiating the warmth of my Father, I shine. I have seen the birth of my fellow brothers and sisters. I beheld the stars scattered in their place. I witnessed it all with baited breath. But none of have held my gaze as the two stars that need me most: Moon and Earth.

What a fate is mine! To constantly behold and never claim! Hallowed heavens, twinkling stars, contemplate my sufferings!

See the Moon. Glorious Moon! See how she shines back at me. Despite the fierceness of my gaze, she bares it all! Channeling it into coolness, a white light to glow upon the earth. Ice she may be but her core is solid. She is has not the fiery core of my own heart but she stands beside me as an equal, unflinching.

Look there! Behold the Earth. From her womb life streams. She glows with it! See her crowning trees, her lush mountains, her still waters. She turns my gleams into fuel, warming herself and feeding her children. Her satisfied smiles and the happy murmurs of the life within her spurring me to stand a little straighter.

How could I choose? How could I pull away from one and only acknowledge the other? While Moon is cold, could not my heart shatter her? Though Earth is strong could she weather my relentless fire? Her molten core calls to mine but she is would soon die if I truly took her into my embrace. Her oceans dried up, her forests ash.

To love each from a far is my lot. To never truly have either, never hold, kiss, touch. It is my privilege and my burden to shine for them both. The joy of my life, to watch them turn my one gift into a multitude.

To the lights of my life,