I am a triple minority. I am Black, a woman, and a Christian. As such I guess I’m hypersensitive to the feelings and injustices of others. This probably isn’t added by the fact that I’m a historian (I got my bachelors in history) and I’m planning on becoming an attorney. Just hypersensitive all around. I suppose because of all these things I struggled with this last election. When 45 was running as a candidate I took him seriously. I didn’t think he was joking. I don’t think he thought he’d make it all the way but to a certain extent the man was in it to win it. My parents took it as a joke. We watched the debates and they’d laugh at somethings “Low Energy Jeb” “Little Marco”, gotta admit, “Little Marco” did stick with me. Anyway, I watched as slowly but surely the competition all fizzled out. I watched as he bashed oppenents and then sang their praises after they dropped out. 

Honestly, I hated it. Don’t get me wrong, I love politics. I love debates. I could do without all the lies and free flowing money on both sides that sometimes renders our politicians vulnerable, but I really do love politics. This election however wasn’t one I could enjoy. I watched as he pour fear of everyone and everything down people’s throats and they took it. It bothered me more than I can say. To watch as reasonable people would come up with excuse after excuse for his poor behavior shook me to my core. I kept wondering, do they really think this is ok? Is this their true colors coming out? Or are they just clinging to this man because he’s promised the one thing they really need?

Now he’s 45, President of the United States. Except we don’t seem very united. In fact my homeland seems more vitriol and subversive than it has in a longtime. I’ve watched as some of his supporters now lament their previous support of him. They once adamantly supported him, bought the stuff made in China, went to all the events, and now he’s taking away their healthcare, banning immigrants, and still talking about illegal voting. They’re disappointed in him. 

By now you might be thinking, Ok I get it but how does this relate to the title of your journal? Here’s the tie in. Our nation is love-drunk right on fear. The innate desire for preservation of life and the things we hold so dear. As a result we are in danger of falling into the “isms” racism, nationalism, some would argue even patriotism. The danger of the “isms” is that it makes people vulnerable to poor decisions. Seriously. Think about this for a moment. Some of the worst moments in world history were caused by fear of our neighbors. People who didn’t look like us, think like us, act like us. Our fear. Our prejudice. These things blinded us from seeing people. We saw only our differences. I think we’re in the process of doing it again. In allowing 45’s administration of preying on our weaknesses and taking advantage of it. 

The Bible tells us not to be afraid over 360 times, our 44th President dropped the phrase over 20 times in his farewell address. Folks, catch the hint. The world is watching, our children are watching, choose wisely. We are currently shaping our future course. Mind the gap, it’s growing.