I love Jane Austen and though Pride and Prejuidice is my favorite story, I relate the most with Anne Elliot and Persuasion. This is my modern take on the ending of it. 😌

She ran. After reading his letter she flew from the house, his words pounding in her head. He loves me still. 

The thought alone shifting her gravity leaving her with a feeling she hadn’t felt in the eight years since their parting, centered.

So she ran. To his home only to find him gone. To the cafe on the corner, his favorite spot. Finally she walked home.

Her sluggish steps coming to an abrupt stop when she saw him seated on her front steps. She felt everything around slow as her heart quickened, threatening to explode. He had come, he had waited, and he loves me still. She had waited a long time for this moment and she had a speech of her own prepared.

Deep breath. 

“I read your letter and I will accept your proposal. You may be sure that nothing and no one, will or could ever persuade me otherwise.”

He smiled at her. She’s been watching Persuasion again. “Well,” he said, pushing himself of the cold porch steps. “I guess you just saved me from a long drawn speech. Do you want your ring outside in the open or could I persuade you to allow me inside the house?”