Her baby was getting married today. She loved all her grandchildren. Each was special to her but he was special. She’d checked in on the bride, she looked radiant. She’d shared some advice with her the day before. She knew her grandson had chosen well. So, this morning found her by his side as he dressed for his special day.

Their eyes met in the mirror. He asked for his groomsmen to leave the room for a minute as he sat beside her. Taking his warm hands into her own weathered hands she smiled.

“You have no idea how much today means to me.”

He smiled and began to speak but she waved her hand. He sat silently and waited. “For you I wish nothing but the best. Remember there will be times when all you want to do is leave, or runaway, quit, throw in the towel. It happened with your grandfather and I.” She smiled. “Remember today. Remember the vows you pledge today. The dedication you put in, the effort you make to keep your word today, will prove the metal of man you are. You’re made of the best stuff. Never give her reason to doubt it.”

He smiled, kissing her hands he promised he would make her proud. She smiled as she watched him walk towards the door as one of the groomsmen told him it was time. I already am.