I enjoy the solemnity of solitude.

Immersed in my own world,

I can hide away.

Unburdened with the thoughts and feelings of others,

I can heal, regenerate, introspect.

Seclusion has been my home for so long,

The idea of once more making a home among others is tiring,


The idea of sharing you with others is anxiety inducing.

If I had my way I simply hide away,

Seal us off in our own enclave.

But I know that would slowly kill you.

Your spirit would wither without the warmth of other suns.

Other spirits to interact with, to laugh with.

So I leave my den and prepare for the onslaught,

For interaction,

For people.

A recluse in a crowd.

Knowing my reward for this sacrifice will be the pleasure of your smile.

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