Looking into my eyes you ask,

“What are you thinking?”

My brain freezes,

Its too much to share,

Its too much to let out,

Too much truth in one breath.

How do I convey just how much I feel when I’m with you,

Or how happy I am when we talk?

How I worry that I might bore when there’s a lapse in conversation,

Or how I much I miss you when you’re not with me?

How can I tell you how much I long for you,

How much I ache for your physical touch?

I never thought we’d get to this place.

I never dreamed I’d be this happy with you.

I hoped we would be but, you know me, my pessimism often wins out.

I love you so much but I dread the idea of sounding like some lovesick teenager or worse yet, crazy.

So I’ll keep all these thoughts to myself and when you ask me what I’m thinking I’ll just smile and say,

“Nothing babe.”