She watched as they tore the land to shreds. Hard metal building cluttered the edges of her kingdom. Stones made of sand, dirt, water, stacked up to erect walls and barricades to keep her out. To deny her entry. They had claimed the lands as their own. Air hissed out between her teeth as she rose from her throne beneath the waves. She would not be caged or shackled by mere man. What was humanity?! Sickle in hand she girthed herself. Once more she would restore order to the Upperlands. Humans, would once more bow to Sea’s brutal whims.

Welcome to Day 11 of A Month of Mini Writing Challenges! I stumbled across this challenge and thought I’d give it a shot. Today’s challenge is to write a story in 100 words or less set in the ocean. Want to join? Clink on the link.